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With his secret identity now revealed to the world, Ben Tennyson continues to fight evil as a superhero with the help of the newly acquired Ultimatrix.
I don&#39;t think Ben 10:Ultimate Alien is quite as good as Ben 10:Alien Force, which in my opinion is superb and outdid its predecessor, which I also liked. That said, I wasn&#39;t expecting much and I got more than I expected in a good way. Ultimate Alien is not a bad show at all, in fact as I have said already it is pretty darn good.<br/><br/>The stories are perhaps not quite as clever as they are in Alien Force, but they are very well-constructed and interesting. I also love the animation, the colours are bold, with some nice backgrounds and quite unique character designs. The music is also funky and cool, with a good theme tune, and the pacing of the episodes I have little to no problem with either. The romance is sweet, the fight sequences are well-choreographed with moments of eye-popping animation and the moral lessons are intriguing and don&#39;t preach.<br/><br/>The writing is really quite good as well, it doesn&#39;t fall into the trap of being childish but it does have its funny, thoughtful and endearing moments. The characters are very likable, not just Ben but even the villains maintain interest, and the voice acting like Alien Force is consistent and suitably dynamic.<br/><br/>Overall, not a bad series at all, if there are any illogical elements to it so much compensates. 9/10 Bethany Cox
I like watching this with my kids. They love the show, the toys, the movies, t-shirts, video games, and any Ben 10 stuff they can get their hands on. I am able to watch and be interested in the Alien Force and Ultimate Alien incarnations. There is good storyline. Not overly mature for kids or too juvenile for teens to enjoy. The characters in the show go through different personal issues with each other as well as working together to fight against a common enemy. They are usually morally correct from my point of view. I DVR every episode and it drove me crazy waiting for my boys to want to watch the finale. It was a lot of fun enjoying it together. I am really looking forward to playing Ben 10 Cosmic Destruction for PS3. Highly recommend the show to dads who want to share something with their sons.

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